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Arvose OnPoint

Effective Customer Stories

Buyers value customer case studies and are more likely to engage with providers that deliver compelling and relevant stories of customer success.

Arvose OnPoint is a custom developed customer facing case study analysis. Product marketers, leaders and sales teams can use the Arvose OnPoint to develop effective customer stories that will increase their credibility with buyers.

Arvose OnPoint methodology

We bring a neutral, third-party perspective to case study evaluation. We analyse and evaluate the ever-changing competitive landscape to add a neutral perspective to a customer outcome story. We’ve partnered with companies worldwide to pinpoint the most important areas that would secure their future success. We work with companies like you to create effective customer stories that stand out from everyone else.



Why Arvose OnPoint

When strategizing the organization’s digital transformation, it can be hard for strategy leaders to choose which key initiatives to prioritize. Business leaders tend to opt for ROI-based metrics that are optimized according to current business models; thus leading them in the wrong direction and causing them to overvalue short-term projects with only limited insight into what will help drive success in new business models down the line.

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